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Drinking a couple of drinks every so often is going to have no ill-effect on your health in the long term. In fact, doctors actively encourage that you drink some alcoholic drinks at least once a week. However, statistics have shown that one in every thirteen adults within the United States is suffering from alcoholism, many of them don’t actually know it. The problem is, this is not only putting their lives at risk, but also those that surround them. In this article I want to discuss a little bit about the condition and how it can be treated.

So what is alcoholism?

Well, to put it in the simplest way possible, it is an addiction to drink. This can have an absolutely devastating effect on somebody’s life. Most people who suffer from alcoholism get incredibly defensive when they are brought up about it, and often a lot of people criticize the amount that they are drinking. These are the most common symptoms of alcohol abuse, generally speaking they are going to be the same for all age groups and genders, although studies have shown that alcoholism can occur far sooner in women and teenagers.

Constant, or almost constant craving to drink, no matter where they are.
Once drinking has begun, you completely lose control and don’t know when to tell yourself that enough is enough.
A physical dependence on drinking alcohol. This means when you stop drinking you suffer from symptoms such as anxiety, nausea and sweating. If you drink then these symptoms will disappear rather quickly.
As you drink more and more, you need a greater amount of alcohol to get that ‘thrill’ that you crave.

There are plenty of risk factors which relate to alcoholism. They include the following:



1. Drinking regularly can cause you to build up a dependence on alcohol. This is how the majority of problems start for people. If you find that you need to drink every night then you may be an alcoholic.
2. Studies have shown that alcoholism can be genetic. Which means if somebody in your family suffers from the condition then there is a good chance that you may be suffer from it too. Scientists are currently carrying out research on which gene causes this issue.
3. Mental health problems such as depression can often lead to a dependence on alcohol.
4. Being surrounded by people who drink regularly can increase your risk of developing the habit.
5. Mixing medication with your alcohol can increase the effects of alcohol, which can lead to addiction.

Sadly, alcoholism is a disease which cannot be fully cured, once an alcoholic it is likely that you always will be. However there are treatment plans out there that can help you. The majority are through group therapy sessions, although if you are suffering from a particularly severe form of alcoholism then you may need to enter residential rehabilitation. The only way in which you can prevent alcoholism is to limit the amount of alcohol you drink on a weekly basis, drinking one glass every couple of nights shouldn’t cause you any harm.

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