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We all know that soft drinks are bad for us, but do you know how bad they really are for us? This is something that I want to take a look at on this page. Hopefully your eyes will be opened to the amount of damage that these drinks are causing to our body every single time we drink them.

facts, and statistics about Soft drinks

Did you know that the recommended amount of sugar that we should consume on a daily basis is just 5 teaspoons? Even then that is pushing it a little bit. The average bottle of soft drink contains 17 teaspoons of sugar. Most people drink more than one of these bottles every single day. There is so much sugar being put into your body it is unbelievable. Each serving of a soft drink increases your risk of obesity by 60%. Startling isn’t it?

What are the diseases caused by soft drinks?


There are a ton of problems that can be caused by consuming soft drinks on a regular basis. These are some of the most popular of them:
Obesity: Did you know that soft drinks are one of the biggest contributors towards obesity? One can a day will add one pound of weight to you a month. Even if you have the diet drinks which can actually add more weight onto your body due to the additives that they have.
• Liver Damage: Drink too many soft drinks and you will be damaging your liver in the same way that an alcoholic does.
Tooth Decay
• Kidney Stones and Kidney Failure
• Heart Burn and Acid Reflux
• High Blood Pressure
• Heart Disease

Soft drinks and pregnancy

In short, these drinks aren’t going to be very good for you at all! It isn’t just ‘normal’ people that are at risk though. Studies have shown that Pregnant Women who consume soft drinks are at risk of a number of problems. Let’s take a look at these problems now shall we?
The main problem is that you are more likely to give birth early, even one can a day can do this. This is going to cause severe problems for your child. Remember, most children who are born before the end of term are severely weak, which puts them at risk of all sorts of problems. It is believed that the artificial sweeteners that are included in these drinks change the womb a little bit, which causes the problem to happen. Remember, your child will also be taking on some of these artificial sweeteners which is going to cause even more problems!

What are the best alternatives for soft drinks?

The great thing is, you don’t even need soft drinks in your diet. There are plenty of options out there. I always suggest that you try and drink more water and milk (both of which are good for you!). If you want to mix things up a little bit though then you could always drink some fruit juices (pure fruit juice, not with added sugar). Yes, they do have sugars in them but these are good sugars and your body will love it!

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